How do we improve our Google ranking?

Probably one of the most asked questions.

I have listed the items below which can and probable will influence the way you see how search engine rank your website.

I have listed the items below which can and probable will influence your website ranking:

  1. Your site design & page load speed:
    1. Basically this means the speed at which your website takes to load on a browser, for example if your website images have not been optimised (correctly sized), you could find your website would seem like its taking forever to load, which would increase your bounce rate. (Customer moving on to another page, due to the fact your website was taking too long to load).  We at Webstyle use software eg: Photoshop to correctly size and optimise your images, but still keeping the resolution of the image good enough without any loss of quality.
  2. Phone Usability:
    1. Google uses mobile indexing first, due to the fact that most people search and view website off their mobile phones moreso than on desktop PC’s. So when we design a website at Webstyle, we make sure to test all screen sizes for example PC, Tablet and Cell phone screen sizes.
  3. Internal Links:
    1. Search Engines work by crawling and Indexing parts of your website content, Crawlers use links within your site to properly index your information.
    1. The better your internal links are organized and structured the easier it is for search engines to find what they are looking for.
  4. Keyword Targeting:
    1. These are terms used that customers type in a search fields, to search for what they are looking for.
    1. We generally try to identify 4-5 target keywords, and naturally fit them into the content of your website.
    1. We also try and use these keywords within the title and headers of relevant pages as search engines use this information to learn what the page is about and correctly index it.
  5. Meta Description:
    1. The meta description is a short description within your HTML code, it doesn’t show up on your page, but search engines will display this information within the search results to give users more information about the page, but is not a major ranking factor.
  6. Image alt-text:
    1. Correct website designed Images will also play a part within the search engine results due to the fact that images with alt-tag’s assist visually impaired customers that use screen readers to browse the internet. That is why we at Webstyle always use the alt-tags to describe each image, this will also ensure that the search engine will properly index the site.
    1. Alt-tags will also be used if an image fails to load, as the alt-tag text will display in its place.
  7. Backlinks:
    1. A backlink, is link from an external website, which links to your website. Google changed its PageRank algorithm back in 1996, which made it clear that external website links would be a strong indicator of the quality of the website.
    1. Backlinks can be achieved by finding guest blogging opportunities on external websites. Guest posts are a good way to establish your expertise, while building links back to your website. Always make sure you’re sourcing high-quality and original posts from credible websites that will actually serve your customer base. Writing poor content for websites that your audience wouldn’t visit doesn’t do anyone much good.

Note: Always remember that optimising for Google rankings is something that takes time, there is no magical wand. The optimising process is an ongoing process which takes time and effort, but over time you will start to bear the fruits of your hard work as you organic rankings improve.